EnterTrainment Junction — The Making of a Masterpiece


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We have been talking about getting a book together since we opened and now here we are, 10 years later, and it has finally happened! The book includes:

  • the background and history behind EnterTRAINment Junction including some hard-to-believe photos taken during our construction phase. (We were just an empty warehouse at the time!)
  • the planning and development stages including concept drawings
  • volunteer highlights and the making of the display
  • info. for the tech. junkies including PLC programming
  • incredible photos throughout the layout spanning the different time periods
  • unique stories behind different buildings in the layout
  • of course, there will be a section on Coney Island, our expo center, and museum as well!

We love our facility and we are happy to be able to document the progress that we’ve made up to this point. We love even more that we can share it with YOU!

This is the perfect souvenir of your trip or gift for your favorite train enthusiast!


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