F40PH Commuter Train Starter Set


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Every hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato UNITRACK Starter Set! Each starter set comes with a complete oval of track, a Kato Power Pack, a locomotive, a re-railer, a pack of 6 mixed freight cars, and an instruction book on how to assemble and care for your new Starter Set. From then on, the sky’s the limit thanks to UNITRACK’s modular snap-track design. Build a complex basement layout, or keep it simple so that you can take it out in evenings; anything is possible with UNITRACK!
Kato’s commuter starter sets are perfect for fans of commuter equipment, whether local or not! Each set contains a locomotive, either an MP36PH or F40PH (as appropriate) decorated and detailed in the appropriate style for the Chicago Metra or Virginia Railway Express, a pair of Bi-Level coaches and a Bi-level cab-coach with directional lighting built right in. In addition, the sets come with a complete 3’x4′ Oval of Kato UNITRACK with re-railing track, a Kato Power pack, and a starter guide. Everything you need to begin building an N gauge train layout at home!

Set contains:
N EMD F40PH Chicago Metra #137 locomotive
N Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6004
N Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6034
N Gallery Bi-Level Cab-Coach Chicago Metra #8527
Bookcase style packaging for holding the locomotive cars
Complete oval of track (12 3/8″ radius)
Grade crossing/rerailing track
Storage Drawer for locomotives/accessories
Kato Power Pack


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